HR Coaches Leaders. Who’s Coaching Us?

Our workshop is a must-do for hands-on HR practitioners & aspiring HR professionals who want to make a difference and ensure that HR is seen and acknowledged as essential to the success of a business.  

  • HR Generalists/HR Business Partners and stand-alone HR;
  • HR Admin/Recruiters/Specialists who are eager to advance or take on broader HR roles;
  • HR Managers who feel “stuck in the weeds’’; and
  • Professionals interested in transitioning into a career in HR.

Are you an HR Director or Business Leader looking for impactful, professional development for your team?  Our training helps HR apply their subject matter expertise to accelerate the HR agenda, align priorities and influence business results, whether you are an established HR department or if Human Resources is new within the company.   

And although we appreciate the role of the Independent HR Consultant (that’s what we are now 😊), those who will benefit most from the ElevatingHR workshop are the HR practitioners who are immersed in the day-to-day HR “stuff”. 

The business will take notice when HR thinks and behaves strategically …

No matter what HR role you are in.